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Active recovery systems employ pumps to draw hydrocarbon into the system and then remove it from the well. Active systems require a power supply, tubing, and system controls which are often incorporated into the equipment to match removal to inflow rates.

Active LNAPL Hydrocarbon Removal and Recovery Systems | EON | FAP
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EON features the FAP pneumatically operated system for actively skimming floating hydrocarbon from wells 2-inches and larger or from vertical casings installed in intercept trenches where free product accumulates. The FAP is effective for petroleum liquids such as gasoline, diesel fluid, hydraulic fluids, and heating oils up to #6-grade. All installed components are pneumatic for use in flammable environments.The FAP Plus consists of a flexible-body bladder pump that is suspended in the well...

LNAPL Skimmer Components
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EON provides the components and accessories for assembling and servicing the FAP Pneumatic LNAPL skimming system so that users may customize or change system configurations and for routine maintenance.