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EON Products stocks the most popular well construction materials for small diameter monitoring well or piezometer construction. Our PVC riser and screens carry the ASTM certification to help ensure quality installations. All of EON’s materials are selected for ease-of-use and to minimize installation problems. 

If you have questions about product usage or selection, please call our team or complete a short online form for a quotation on your order!

Groundwater Remediation Skimmers, Spill Kits, & Recovery Systems | EON | ASTM flush threaded schedule 40 Riser
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EON stocks ASTM flush threaded schedule 40 Riser (casing) for small diameter and Direct Push monitoring wells. Flush threads ensure the inside and outside of the casing is smooth with no protrusions to cause equipment or installation hang-ups.

PVC Slotted Screen
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EON stocks ASTM flush threaded schedule 40 slotted well screens in five-foot length. Standard slot opening is 0.010 inch. Other lengths and slot openings are available.

Pre-Pak Screen
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Pre-Pak Screens are installed in small diameter open boreholes or through direct push drive rod, at the bottom of the riser pipe to create a filter packed well in one step without adding sand around the screen separately. Pre-Paked screen sections have flush threads so they screw on to compatible riser to save time and aid in producing a less turbid monitoring well.

PVC Caps & Plugs
Availability: In Stock

EON's PVC Caps and Plugs and Points are used to terminate and seal the ends of a length of PVC flush threaded pipe or screen to keep out debris or reduce access. They are typically used at the bottom of the well screen and the top of the riser to complete a well casing and screen installation.

Bentonite Sleeve Seal
Availability: In Stock

Bentonite seals are used above the PrePak screen to ensure placement of a water tight seal without replying on pouring or pumping sealing materials down the small space between the casing and borehole. The sleeve seal consists of granular bentonite clay pre-packaged around a short, flush-threaded casing section.

Expanding Foam Bridge
Availability: In Stock

The Foam Bridge is a short cylinder of compressible, non-porous, inert foam mounted around a short length of flush-threaded riser directly above the PrePak screen. The foam is compressed to fit in the drive casing during installation.

Filter Socks
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Filter Socks are tubular fabric filters that can be pulled over slotted PVC screens to help filter silt and sediment from entering the well. These can be effective for temporary wells or for helping prevent turbidity in small wells.