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    Bentonite seals are used above the PrePak screen to ensure placement of a water tight seal without replying on pouring or pumping sealing materials down the small space between the casing and borehole. The sleeve seal consists of granular bentonite clay pre-packaged around a short, flush-threaded casing section.

    The section is installed above the screen in the casing string. When lowered into position, the bentonite hydrates and swells to form a water tight seal between the casing and the borehole. 

    Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    Bentonite Sleeve Seal for 3/4in pipe
    In Stock 1 $62.00
    Bentonite Sleeve Seal for 1in pipe
    In Stock 1 $59.00
    Bentonite Sleeve Seal for 1-1/2in pipe
    In Stock 1 $55.00
    Bentonite Sleeve Seal for 2in pipe
    In Stock 1 $69.00