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Need to test multiple water quality parameters? No need to purchase various tools! Browse our selection of multi-parameter water quality field meters. You can perform tests for several parameters with one probe and an easy-to-read meter. Our high-performance, reliable multi-parameter water meters allow you to test for water quality parameters, including temperature, pH, ORP, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, and more. They are also available with a flow cell for above ground use or with extended cable for in-situ testing.

Each of our water quality field meters also offers specific advanced features including easy calibration, automatic temperature and compensation. Look for waterproof cases, impact-resistance and more – making them ideal for rugged field use, no matter the environment.

Want to learn more about our multi-parameter field meters or our selection of hand-held water quality testers? Call 1-800-474-2490 or request a free quote for your next order!

Multi Parameter Water Quality Meter: YSI ProDSS
Availability: In Stock

The readout is slim and rugged with a large backlit color display. All functions are menu driven. The DSS can log up to 100,000 readings and has site list capability. Data can be transferred using the USB port and the KorDSS data management software. The system looks and feels similar to the YSI556 software, even with the upgraded capability.  Our Standard Configuration includes: ProDSS Meter, 4 Meter Cable, Flow Cell, Sensors; Dissolved Oxygen (optical sensor!), Conductivity,...

Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meter: YSI ProPlus
Availability: In Stock

The ProPlus reads up to 4 standard YSI water quality sensors on a single “Quatro” cable. Field cables are available in lengths from 1 to 30 meters, longer for D.O. only cables. Lab cables are available in 1-4 meters depending on the sensor selection. Use sensors purchased separately to populate the 4 available ports. Available Parameters: Temperature, Conductivity, DO, and any two ISEs among pH, ORP, ammonium, chloride, or nitrate. Check out the common configurations we show below or CALL for...

pH-Conductivity Meters: YSI 63
Availability: In Stock

Sample water is poured into a small sample chamber on the meter, and the results are displayed on the digital display. These meters are rugged and waterproof, and they float, making them excellent for field use.