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Multi-Parameter Water Quality Field Meters

Need to test multiple water quality parameters? No need to purchase various tools! Browse our selection of multi-parameter water quality field meters. You can perform tests for several parameters with one probe and an easy-to-read meter. Our high-performance, reliable multi-parameter water meters allow you to test for water quality parameters, including temperature, pH, ORP, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, and more. They are also available with a flow cell for above ground use or with extended cable for in-situ testing.

Each of our water quality field meters also offers specific advanced features including easy calibration, automatic temperature and compensation. Look for waterproof cases, impact-resistance and more – making them ideal for rugged field use, no matter the environment.

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Need to check multiple water quality parameters, but want to use a single tool? Our high-quality multi-parameter meters for water quality testing have the ability to check for pH, temp, DO, EC, ORP and more using only a single probe.
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Multi Parameter Water Quality Meter: YSI ProDSS

The YSI Pro DSS is the best handheld multi-parameter water quality meter we've used! Digital sensors, optical D.O. and on board turbidity.
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Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meter: YSI ProPlus

The YSI ProPlus Features an upgraded readout that uses up to 4 standard sensors in a multi-parameter probe using a "Quatro" cable
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pH-Conductivity Meters: YSI 63

Test pH, ORP, Conductivity, Temperature, TDS, and Resistivity.
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Products 1-3 of 3