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Rental: Water Quality Meters- Multi-Parameter
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YSI Pro DSS Featuring the latest technology digital sensors, extreme reliability, and user friendly form factor. The YSI Pro DSS is the best handheld multi-parameter meter we’ve tried. Standard Configuration includes: • Dissolved oxygen • Conductivity • Specific conductance • Salinity • Resistivity • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) • pH/ORP • Temperature • Turbidity • Flow-Cell Features: • Digital sensors for fast, accurate and low maintenance results • Optical Dissolved Oxygen (DO) sensor...

Lamotte 2020 Turbidity Meter
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LaMotte 2020 Turbidity Meter LaMotte 2020 turbidity meters offer long-term stability, minimizing stray light and color interference. Features: • Automatic range selection • Range: 0-4000 NTU • Accuracy: ±2% • Response time: <5 seconds • 2020e complies with USEPA180.1 standard with Tungsten light source • 2020i complies with ISO 7027 standard with 860 LED light source YSI55 Dissolved Oxygen Meter The YSI 55 measures dissolved oxygen in water and displays the results in mg/L or % oxygen....