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    LaMotte 2020 Turbidity Meter

    LaMotte 2020 turbidity meters offer long-term stability, minimizing stray light and color interference.


    • Automatic range selection

    • Range: 0-4000 NTU

    • Accuracy: ±2%

    • Response time: <5 seconds

    • 2020e complies with USEPA180.1 standard with Tungsten light source

    • 2020i complies with ISO 7027 standard with 860 LED light source

    YSI55 Dissolved Oxygen Meter

    The YSI 55 measures dissolved oxygen in water and displays the results in mg/L or % oxygen.


    • Built-in calibration chamber

    • Push-button calibrations

    • Provides direct salinity and altitude

    • Automatic temperature compensation

    The Hanna 98703 Turbidity Meter

    The HI 98703 meets and exceeds the requirements of the USEPA Method 180.1 for wastewater and Standard Method 2130 B for drinking water. The instrument has an EPA compliance reading mode which rounds readings to meet EPA reporting requirements. Users will appreciate the accuracy and sensitivity of this instrument, particularly at very low turbidity levels.


    • High accuracy at low ranges (below 0.05 NTU)

    • 2, 3 or 4-point calibration

    • USB and RS-232 PC connectivity

    • Log up to 200 records

    • GLP features

    • User-friendly, backlit display with guidance codes

    • Battery % on startup and continuous current time on display

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