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Aquistar PT2X Level logger
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AquiStar PT2X is a small, self contained pressure (level) and temperature logger that measures and records changes in water level. It is ideal for observing flow patterns, pumping or "slug" tests, and for monitoring groundwater, well, tank and tidal levels. The PT2X can also be used to turn alarms, pumps, equipment on or off at programmed water levels. Sensors can be networked for site-wide and even remote, project-wide control. Our Water Level Loggers are "absolute", (non-vented) sensors. Use...

Aquistar Multi Parameter Adaptor
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EON features the Aquistar Smart Sensors for Water Quality Data Logging because the sensors are engineered for long term deployment, the sensors can be used individually or networked and the sensors are easy to use. Our fleet is built around individual the following individual Smart Sensors which can be used, each on their own cable, or up to three sensors together using the Multi-parameter Adapter where they are accessible through a single cable and function as a complete multi-parameter water...