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    Soil Gas Vapor Points are small, dedicated stainless steel points that provide a simple and low cost method for obtaining gas samples beneath the soil surface, or under slabs when monitoring hydrocarbon spills, tank and pip leakage, landfills, hazardous waste sites or intrusive vapors.

    The Points are configured with vapor ports for gas inlet and a hose barb on the back side for sample tubing. They are installed into a small drilled hole or pushed into place with extension rods and left in place indefinitely. The ports are protected from debris by a screen and they are shielded from falling soil debris by an optional Teflon Umbrella disk.

    Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    Soil Gas Vapor Point w/Umbrella (no Screen- see SVP201)
    In Stock 1 $18.80
    Soil Gas Vapor Point Screen
    In Stock 1 $3.70
    Soil Gas Vapor Point Umbrella
    In Stock 1 $2.50
    Soil Gas: Drive Rod, 3ft
    In Stock 1 $125.10
    Soil Gas: Extension Rod Drive Adapter
    In Stock 1 $88.99
    Soil Gas: GVP Tip Holder Drive End
    In Stock 1 $41.65
    Soil Gas: Ext Rod to Hammer Adapter
    In Stock 1 $60.04
    Tubing Nylon Semi-rigid 3/16 in ID X 5/16in OD
    In Stock 1 $67.40