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    The TempHion™ Cabled SmartSensor is a submersible water quality sensor that can be configured for pH/ORP and temperature, or for chloride or bromide ion and temperature. The sleek housing has a built-in data logger for precise single or multi-well tracer tests, saltwater intrusion tracking, tidal influence studies, wastewater treatment discharge, and general pH monitoring.

    The TempHion provides long-term stability for continuous or intermittent monitoring—making unattended in-situ pH testing possible without frequent calibrations or service.

    The TempHion Cabled version can be configured prior to installation or while installed to set frequency of reading and start and stop or to view data in real time or download data while logging. The cabled TempHion can be networked locally or remotely and, with the WaveData system data accessed from anywhere in the world.


    • Narrow 0.75″ diameter, 17.625″ length
    • 316 stainless steel, Viton®, Delrin®, and Teflon® construction
    • Easy-to-use in-field calibration utilities
    • 200,000+ records stored in non-volatile memory
    • Operates on low power
    • Long-term sensor stability
    • Solution ground for excellent noise protection
    • RS485 network for long range reliable communication
    • Dual protocol (Modbus® and SDI-12)
    • Available cable-less or with a variety of cable options—polyethylene, polyurethane, or FEP Teflon®
    • Easy export to spreadsheets and databases.

    To Order:

    • Select the TempHion Configurable to match project needs

    • Select Cable Type

    • Enter Cable Length in the Quantity box

    • Order a Communication Kit for any number of sensors

    Contact EON for assistance with configuration and  accessories.

    Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    Aquistar: TempHion Smart Sensor with Bromide (complete system requires WDC100 Cable and WDC156 Communication Kit)
    In Stock 1 $3,018.09
    Aquistar: TempHion Smart Sensor with Chloride (requires WDC100 Cable )
    In Stock 1 $1,670.00
    Aquistar: TempHion Smart Sensor with pH/ORP & Temperature (complete system requires WDC100 Cable and WDC156 Communication Kit)
    In Stock 1 $3,232.11
    Aquistar: Standard Sensor Signal Cable- Electric Vented 9-conductor PU
    In Stock 1 $2.80
    Aquistar: Sensor Signal Cable- Electric Vented 9-conductor, HDPE Jacket. Per Foot
    In Stock 1 $2.70
    Aquistar Communications Kit: USB (for Smart Sensors- includes adapter 6 communication cable Aqua4Plus software media kit)
    In Stock 1 $463.86