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YSI Do Membrane Kits -
DO Membranes for YSI 55

YSI Do Membrane Kits

Replace YSI Dissolved Oxygen (DO) membranes using the correct factory replacement membranes for the instrument model. 

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 Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Breaks Price Quantity
Membrane Kit; DO Membrane & Electrolyte for YSI 55
In Stock 1 $44.00
Membrane Kit (yellow cap): DO Screw-on for YSI 550A &556 (6 membranes, electrolyte)
In Stock 1 $62.00
Membrane Kit (blue cap): DO Screw-on for YSI 556. (6 membranes, solution, sanding disk )
In Stock 1 $62.00
Membrane Kit (black cap): DO Teflon Membrane Screw-on for YSI 556
In Stock 1 $62.00