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Optical DO Meter & Logger
Optical DO Sensor (cabled) & GDL Logger

Aquistar Dissolved Oxygen Logger

The Aquistar DO2 SmartSensor is the next generation in trouble-free oxygen sensing design for monitoring dissolved oxygen levels in water. The sensor uses fluorescence to detect and precisely measure oxygen concentration in the fluid surrounding the sensor. This method does not consume oxygen near the sensor as do membrane-type sensors, so the sensor maintains its calibration longer between service interruptions. DO2 contains an integrated data logger incorporated into the watertight probe housing.

The DO2 sensor utilizes Aqua4Plus software providing easy to obtain, convenient, high-quality data for such applications as; dam discharge monitoring, aquaculture, landfill leachate monitoring, long-term surface water, remediation performance monitoring and municipal and industrial water treatment facilities.

DO2 sensors can be used independently or networked locally, or remotely with the VZCOM system for data access anywhere in the world.


Like all INW SmartSensors, the DO2 can also be combined with other SmartSensors using the Multi-Parameter Adapter for a complete multi-parameter water quality logging system. And, whether its one sensor or hundreds, use our remote data collection system with the DO2 to configure your monitoring system and access your data remotely.

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 Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Breaks Price Quantity
Aquistar: Optical DO Sensor with 33 ft cable. Use with General Data Logger WQL130 (Communication Kit Required Separately)
In Stock 1 $1,391.50
Aquistar: Optical DO Sensor with 50 ft cable. Use with General Data Logger WQL130 (Communication Kit Required Separately)
In Stock 1 $1,491.30
Aquistar: Optical DO Sensor with 100 ft cable. Use with General Data Logger WQL130 (Communication Kit Required Separately)
In Stock 1 $1,591.00
Aquistar: Optical DO Sensor with 200 ft cable. Use with General Data Logger WQL130 (Communication Kit Required Separately)
In Stock 1 $1,790.50
Aquistar: GDL Control Box & Logger for Optical DO Sensor (WQL131 Sensor & Communication Kit Required Separately)
In Stock 1 $985.00
Aquistar Communications Kit: USB (for Smart Sensors-includes adapter 6' communication cable Aqua4Plus software media kit)
In Stock 1 $320.40
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WaveData VZCom Wireless Logger
Price: $1,650.00
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  • Sensor does not require water movement, flow, or frequent cleaning
  • Does not require frequent calibration
  • 1.66″ diameter fits easily in 2-inch wells
  • Over 170,000 records in non-volatile memory
  • RS485 Modbus-interface
  • Measures dissolved oxygen and temperature
  • No membranes, fill solutions, replacement caps, or cartridges required
  • Includes Aqua4Plus control software for setting up flexible recording sequences, retrieving data, monitoring real-time data, and viewing collected data

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