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Electrode Cleaning Solutions

Electrode Cleaning & Storage Solutions

Save money and protect your instruments. pH and other sensors will degrade or foul over time. Sensors routinely soaked in cleaning solutions will last longer with better performance. Contact EON for service advice or assistance.
 Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Breaks Price Quantity
Cal solution; General Cleaning, 230 ml
In Stock 1 $12.00
Cal solution; Electrode Cleaning, 460 ml
In Stock 1 $12.68
Cal solution; Electrode Cleaning for process (salt deposits), 460 ml
In Stock 1 $27.00
Cal Solution; Electrode Storage, 460ml
In Stock 1 $18.77
Cal Solution; Storage Solution for Myron meter, quart
In Stock 1 $19.25
Cleaning Solution Turbidity, for WQM400
In Stock 1 $24.00