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    The Aquistar CT2X is a Conductivity and Temperature SmartSensor sensor with built-in data-logging for measuring conductivity and temperature in water. Add Pressure Measurement to the same probe and monitor two parameters with one small unit. The CT2X is used for wetland surveys, saltwater intrusion monitoring, agricultural runoff studies, discharge monitoring, and more.

    The CT2X Cable-Less can be preconfigured for reading frequency and start and stop times then installed independant of electrical cables for autonomous operation or installed in an INW Multiparameter Adapter for real-time and remote data collection of multiple parameters on a single cable.

    The CT2X comes with powerful, easy-to-use Aqua4Plus software, affording the user extensive control, including real-time monitoring, flexible programming, and versatile data display options.


    Whether its one sensor or hundreds use the CT2X with WaveData Remote data collection and access your data remotely.


    • Ranges from 10 uS/cm to 100,000 uS/cm
    • 200,000 and 300,000 uS/cm available on request
    • Narrow 0.75″ diameter,
    • 12.5″ or 16″ length (depending on version)
    • 316 stainless steel, Viton, and Teflon construction (titanium optional)
    • Easy In-field calibration utilities
    • Linear and nLFn temperature compensation
    • Up to 349,000 records in non-volatile memory
    • Digital industry standard RS485 interface
    • Modbus and SDI-12 protocols available
    • Easy export to spreadsheets and databases

    The Conductivity sensor incorporates a 4-pole epoxy and graphite electrode cell which is extremely durable and resistant to data interferences-making it excellent for use in rugged field conditions.

    Select the CT2X Configuration & Communication Kit, from the list below. Contact EON for assistance with configuration and accessories

    Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    Aquistar: CT2X Conductivity Temp Logger (Cableless) (purchase WDC156 Communication Kit separately)
    In Stock 1 - 4
    Aquistar: CT2X Conductivity Logger + PT2X Pressure/Level Logger + Temp (cableless) 30 PSIA
    In Stock 1 $1,594.00
    Aquistar: CT2X Conductivity Logger + PT2X Pressure/Level Logger + Temp (cableless) 50 PSIA
    In Stock 1 $1,602.00
    Aquistar: CT2X Conductivity Logger + PT2X Pressure/Level Logger + Temp (cableless) PSIA (purchase WDC156 Communication Kit separately)
    In Stock 1 $1,491.30