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GVP Soil Kit
GVP Soil Kit

Soil Vapor Probes

The Soil Gas Vapor Probe is a reusable stainless steel device for temporarily extracting vapor from the soil to a depth of about 4 feet. It is useful for checking  beneath the soil surface when monitoring hydrocarbon spills, tank and pipe leakage, landfills, and hazardous waste sites.

The probe is manually pushed into place with a rigid Extension Rod and our T-Handle or Drive Hammer. Inner rods prevent soil from entering the sampler during driving and are removed for sampling. Sample tubing is attached to the top rod to extract vapor samples. The probe is then removed after sampling.

The Soil Gas Vapor Probe Kit includes the following: 

  • GVP base section 
  • Liner Rod
  • GVP hammer adapter
  • 3-ft extension with liner rod
  • GVP barbed tubing adapter
  • 10-inchTee Handle

A Slide Hammer may be required for driving the device into firm soil.

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Soil Gas Vapor Probe, Complete (includes GVP base w/liner rod, GVP hammer adapter, 3-ft extension w/liner rod, GVP barbed adapter & cross handle)
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