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EON uses well-designed information to construct re-usable custom suspension tethers for easily attaching and lowering passive samplers into the exact sampling location:

1. Simply unwrap the new tether

2. Match the ID tag on the tether to the well

3. Start spooling the tether down the well

Each sampler location has attachment points embedded in the tether to which the sampler is zip-tied. Our suspension tethers for passive water samplers are custom fabricated exactly to individual well specifications, allowing quick, easy, and inexpensive out-of-the-box installation.

Suspension Tether Preparation Services
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Installing Passive Diffusion Samplers is even easier when you let EON prepare the Suspension Tethers. EON Tether Preparation Services are less expensive and more reliable than field preparation. We provide complete documentation of materials and configuration for each well. Call or email to learn more details. All that's left for you is to find the well, fill the samplers, and install! Just contact EON or Click Here to download our Well Data Form. Simply fill in the well data and desired...