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Water Sampling & Pumping

Water Sampling and Pumping Tools from EON

EON manufactures, stocks and supplies hundreds of water sampling and pumping tools, instruments and supplies – in fact, we are the number one supplier of passive groundwater sampling tools in the industry. Our high-quality water sampling equipment includes tools for purging wells and retrieving water samples for all accepted sampling techniques, including manual and high-volume purge, low-flow pumping and passive sampling.

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EON manufactures, stocks and supplies hundreds of tools, instruments and supplies for sampling and analyzing groundwater. Look here to find tools for purging wells and retrieving water samples, measuring water and product levels, analyzing water chemistry, recovering floating hydrocarbon, and installing micro-wells.
Passive Water Samplers from EON
Passive samplers are the fastest-growing segment of water sampling equipment. Simple and inexpensive, these devices obtain representative groundwater samples without well purging. Suspended in the well screen, these water sampling tools recover contaminants delivered to the well by natural groundwater flow.

Bailers are used to manually purge wells and then collect a groundwater sample. They are repeatedly lowered into the water on a cord where they fill with water, are recovered, and then discharged, until the purge volume is met. Post-purge samples are poured into lab bottles. These water sampling tools are available as either disposable or reusable products.

Groundwater Pumps
Groundwater pumps reduce the effort and time to purge, sample or develop a monitoring well. Pumps are categorized by the mechanics of operation, lift and volume capability, and power requirements.

Pump Rentals
EON has every type of water pumping equipment available for rent, allowing you the flexibility to use the right equipment on each project without the capital investment of ownership and maintenance. We have groundwater pumps to develop, purge and sample wells, and we can advise you on the selection of the best pump for your application.