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    Whether constructing your own suspension tethers or adding spare parts we can supply all the items (and advice) needed for a successful Diffusion Sampler Installation. Below are the most frequently used accessory parts for quick reference.

    De-Ionized Water

    We supply ASTM Type I de-Ionized water for filling the Equilibrator Passive Diffusion Sampler, for cleaning and rinsing equipment, and for other environmental applications. Click Here to see all our options for De-Ionized water.

    Fill Kits

    The Equilibrator & the .75-inch Passive diffusion Samplers can easily be filled in the field using one of our Fill Kit funnels. Match the Kit to the sampler size.

    Discharge Straws

    Discharge straws are supplied with every Diffusion Sampler order. Need More?

    Re-Usable Weights

    Passive sampling installations require the use of a stainless steel reusable weight to pull the suspension tether into place in the well. The Standard and Extra-Heavy Weights are used for most installations. Click Here to go to our complete list of Weights.

    Suspension Rope or Cable

    We recommend poly braided rope for all suspension tethers. Contact us for installation details when stainless steel cable is required.

    Tether Winding Reel

    Use this reel when retrieving PDBs from the well to keep the tether tangle-free and dirt-free. Especially useful for stainless tethers. Click Here to go to our complete list of Reels.

    Storage Pouches

    Diffusion-resistant pouches provide a barrier to VOCs when shipping or storing pre-filled passive diffusion samplers. Pouches features a sealable flap. Storage pouches are for samplers 18 to 24 inches long.

    Well Caps with Hanging Ring

    We recommend attaching Suspension Tethers to the underside of the well cap. Our most popular caps are shown below and have a 1-inch ring for this purpose. Click Here for complete complete list of well caps.


    Snap Connectors and Zip-Ties are used on every Passive Sampler installation to attach samplers and weights to the tether and tethers to the well cap.

    Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    PDB/Hydrasleeve 2-Tier Tripod Stand. Collapsible, Portable, 4.6 Lbs
    In Stock 1 $140.00
    Water: Deionized ASTM Type 1 (4-L Pre Cleaned HDPE Bottle)
    In Stock 1 $23.00
    PDB Fill Kit for Equilibrator 1.75in Diffusion Sampler
    In Stock 1 $3.70
    PDB Fill Kit for Dual Membrane Passive Diffusion Sampler
    In Stock 1 $5.00
    Discharge straw for PDBs 4in Long polypropylene
    In Stock 1 $2.00
    Cable tie 4in black
    In Stock 1 $0.08
    Snap Connector Plastic
    In Stock 1 $1.50
    Rope Polypropylene 3/16in Hollow Braid White-1000ft Spool
    In Stock 1 $27.50
    Wire Cable Stainless Steel 3/64in diameter
    In Stock 1 $1.20
    Hanger SST for 1.75in Equilibrator PDB
    In Stock 1 $17.00
    Weight: SST Standard, 1.5in diam X 1in long w/ eyebolt 8 oz
    In Stock 1 $15.00
    Weight: SST X-Heavy, 1.5in diam X 2.5in long w/eyebolt 20 oz
    In Stock 1 $19.50
    Weight: SST 1in diam X 3in long w/ eyebolt 11 oz
    In Stock 1 $28.00
    Weight: SST 1in diam X 5in long w/ eyebolt 18 oz
    In Stock 1 $33.50
    (HS SOLID-WT-16+Clip): Weight- SST 0.75-inch diameter X 8 in long. 16 oz Bullet weight with weight clip GSH299
    In Stock 1 $26.00
    Locking Well Cap: 2.0in T Cap Orange w/ SST Tether Ring SCH 40 (Lock sold separately)
    In Stock 1 $14.10
    Locking Well Cap: 4.0in T Cap Orange w/ SST Tether Ring (Lock sold separately)
    In Stock 1 $19.00