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Water Level Loggers for Monitoring Groundwater Levels

EON offers Aquistar™ water level loggers for monitoring groundwater levels automatically and accurately. State-of-the-art “smart sensors” can be configured to take readings at user-defined intervals and initiate response actions, in addition to storing the data. Data can even be stored securely in the “Cloud” for access anywhere via internet.

Check out our array of water level loggers below, which include cabled and cable-free products, remote data collection systems and more. You can also browse our complete selection of water level tools, including portable interface meters, water level meters and water quality meters available for rent.

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Water Level Loggers from EON

Easily and automatically record changing water level as it occurs. Our "Smart Sensors" are used for slug-testing, long term monitoring, pump control, and for data to drive groundwater models. Use Remote Data Collection for data access anywhere in the world.
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Water Level Loggers | Monitoring Groundwater Levels | EON | AquiStar PT2X Cable-Less

This cable-free water level logger is configured at the surface, and then lowered into the water on any suspension cord. Logged data is stored on board for later retrieval. Users can configure all logging parameters.
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Aquistar "Smart" Water Level Loggers: Cabled

With this product, you receive both a submersible pressure transducer, as well as an easily-programmable data-logger in one small stainless steel probe, which can be suspended via a communication cable to access data without removing the probe from the installation.
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Aquistar Data Collection Accessories

Select from cables, junction boxes, software, calibration supplies and other components to expand and enhance a basic data collection system or replace worn or damaged parts. 
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VZCOM Wireless Cell Data Modem

This flexible and inexpensive remote data collection system sends data from AquiStar sensors, to "the cloud" enabling you to manage the data from one site, or many sites, remotely. 
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