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Water Level

Water Level Tools for Measuring Groundwater

Professionals know that accurate water level measurements are important – that’s why EON offers one of the largest and most varied selections of water level tools for measuring groundwater. Our high-quality water level tools can help identify changes in groundwater conditions, enable calculation of flow direction and rates, and accumulate data to drive models for monitoring and cleanup.

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High-Quality Water Level Tools from EON

Select from the categories of water level tools below to find out more information about our products, many of which are available for sale or for rent.

Portable Water Level and Interface Meters

Water level meters and interface meters for LNAPL thickness are perfect for routine checking associated with sampling, monitoring and measuring groundwater level.

Water Level Loggers & Data Collection

These water level tools for measuring groundwater can easily and automatically record levels as they change. Our "Smart Sensors" are used for slug-testing, long-term monitoring, pump control, and for data to drive groundwater models. Use remote data collection for data access anywhere in the world from the “cloud.”

Water Level Loggers-Rental

Project and modeling results are optimized by effective water level data collection. Rent a single water level transducer/logger for a day of slug-testing, or rent hundreds of instruments for large projects with long-term monitoring and remote data collection needs.

Water Level Meters-Rental

Portable water level and interface meters can be rented inexpensively for the occasional project use, or to expand capacity on larger projects. Meters are available with a selection of tape length.

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