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EON is a leader in the environmental sampling industry, offering a comprehensive selection of passive water samplers, passive diffusion bag (PDB) samplers, and a variety of all types of top-performing water sampling and pumping tools. Thanks to our product development success and the knowledge and expertise of our team, we are the number one supplier of passive groundwater sampling supplies!

Browse our entire array of passive water sampling products below and see how our innovative samplers, such as the Equilibrator™ Passive Diffusion Sampler, the HydraSleeve™ and the SuperSleeve No-Purge grab samplers, provide you with cost-saving sampling solutions. We even manufacture low-cost suspension tethers customized to precisely position the samplers in each of your wells.

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Passive Water Samplers and Sampling Equipment | EON Pro | EQUILIBRATOR PDS or PDB
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The EQUILIBRATOR® Passive Diffusion Sampler (PDS or PDB) is the world-wide number one passive groundwater sampler. Diffusion samplers obtain representative, discrete interval samples of Volatile Organic Compounds in groundwater without purging or pumping. Effective for any site where VOCs are the main contaminant of concern. How Easy Is It? Attach the PDB filled with DI water to a weighted suspension tether using zip-ties, and lower into the saturated zone in the well screen. Attach the tether...

1.3-inch diameter pre-filled PDB
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Small Diameter Passive Diffusion Bag Samplers (PDBs) are used in place of purging and low-flow sampling methods in groundwater monitoring wells less than 2-inches diameter to obtain representative, discrete interval samples of Volatile Organic Compounds under natural groundwater flow conditions. Because these samplers are smaller in diameter than our Equilibrator for 2-inch wells, they are longer in length to obtain sufficient sample volume for analysis. The PDBs are installed in the saturated...

HydraSleeve "No Purge" Grab Sampler
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The HydraSleeve™ is used in place of purging and low-flow sampling methods in groundwater monitoring wells to obtain representative, real time, discrete interval sample of ALL compounds under natural groundwater flow conditions. The HydraSleeve is effective for sampling slow recharge wells, for monitoring interfaces, and for concentration profiling. Simply lower the empty sampler to the desired interval, let the well return to undisturbed conditions, and pull the sampler through the sample...

HydraSleeve "SpeedBag™" Grab Sampler
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The HydraSleeve SpeedBag™was designed to minimize drag-down so a sample can be retrieved from a 2-inch well immediately after sampler installation without waiting for well re-stabilization. The filling action and valve mechanism of the SpeedBag is the same as a standard HydraSleeve, recovering water from the sample zone in the well screen and then isolating and sealing the sample from surrounding water as it is recovered. How is it Different than a HydraSleeve™? The SpeedBag has a pair of...

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EON's SuperSleeve is a modified HydraSleeve No-Purge groundwater sampler that maximizes the amount of sample water acquired from a 2-inch well. It is used instead of the regular HydraSleeve when well screen length or water column is short and the amount of water required is greater than a standard HydraSleeve will produce. The SuperSleeve is fitted on to a Top Collar Assembly which is very close in diameter to the inside diameter of a 2-inch well. The close fit causes nearly all the water in...

Sediment Diffusion Sampler
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The Equilibrator Sediment Diffusion Samplers are used to obtain representative concentrations of VOCs in saturated sediments or in stream beds, ponds, etc. This is an easy and reliable method for monitoring recharge and discharge areas including embankments, stream beds, pond sludge where a monitoring well is not installed. The Equilibrator can be buried directly in sediments or used with our protective canister screens in sediments or streams where physical conditions or debris could...

Passive Vapor Diffusion Sampler
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Vapor Diffusion Samplers are an inexpensive way to collect VOC concentrations from soil or boreholes. A 40 ml glass vial is enclosed in a polyethylene membrane. VOC respond to the concentration gradient when placed in a VOC environment causing the VOC molecules to enter the vial through the membrane until th concntration inside the vial equals the concentration outside.