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Portable Water Level & Interface Meters from EON

Our selection of Heron portable water level tools and interface meters are perfect for routine checking of water levels and the thicknesses of a floating layer of light non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) in wells when technicians are on site. When used with our other tools for measuring groundwater, such as water quality meters and data loggers, these portable water level devices help provide site information quickly and efficiently.

Browse our expanded collection of Heron water level tools below, which include meters with precisely marked measurement tape, durable reel, water resistant probes, and reliable electronics, to efficiently detect the depth to water’s surface, or thickness of a floating petroleum layer.

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Browse our Portable Water Level Devices

Water Level Meters and Interface Meters are perfect for routine level checking associated with groundwater sampling routines and monitoring projects when technicians are on site. Water Level Meters are used to measure the depth to water in wells, stand-pipes, and piezometers. A water-sensing probe is lowered on a precision marked flat tape. The probe triggers an audible and a visual alarm on the reel when the probe contacts water. Interface Meters alarm when the surface of an LNAPL layer is touched by the probe. A separate alarm when the underlying water level surface is reached. The depth is read off the incrementally marked tape when the alarm sounds. Drawdown mode allows the probe to be set beneath the water service a known distance. The meter alarms when the water level falls below the probe depth.
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Premium dipper-T with Optional Replaceable Probes

Our PREMIUM meter measures; Depth to Water, Drawdown, Well Casing Location, and Well Depth. Polyethylene coated stainless steel tape with durable markings.
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Water Level Meters: PREMIUM 2-Function "dipper-T2"

This PREMIUM dipper-T 2 meter measures Depth to Water, and Drawdown. using permanently attached, pressure rated probes and polyethylene coated stainless steel tape with durable markings.
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The dipper-Tough Water Level Meter is for use in harsh chemical conditions. It is a two-function meter that measures Depth to Water, and Drawdown. Pressure-rated probe and Kynar coated stainless steel tape.
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Lil Dipper2 Compact Reel

These meters offer the convenience of a smaller, lighter reel when water levels are less than 100ft . Measure Depth to Water, and Drawdown. using permanently attached, probes and polyethylene coated steel tape.
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Water Level Meters: Economy 2-Function "Water tape2" Water Level

The Water tape2 is an economical meter with white polyethylene flat tape. The tape resists sticking to wet casing, has embedded stainless steel wires and stamped markings.
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H.Oil Oil-Water Interface

Use these portable water level devices to measure the depth to the surface of a floating or sinking petroleum layer, as well as the depth to the water’s surface beneath the floating layer. Separate alarm tones sound when the probe contacts each layer.
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Interface Meter Parts & Accessories

EON carries the basic parts for maintenance and simple repairs to Heron brand water level and interface meters.
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