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    Interface Meters are used to measure the depth to the top of a petroleum layer and the depth to the top of the water surface.

    As the probe is lowered in the well a light diffraction cone senses contact with the top of the floating petroleum layer (LNAPL) and produces an audible and visual alarm on the reel at the surface. When the probe is lowered through the floating layer, water sensing electrodes detect contact with the water surface and create a different audible and visual alarm. Depth to product and depth to water are read off the tape. The same properties allow measuring dense product that sink below the water (DNAPL).

    Distinctly different alarm tones indicate which surface is being measured. Layer thickness can be calculated from the two measurements. Our Compact interface meter, the Sm.Oil is available 60ft length on a compact reel.


    • Kynar coated steel tape

    • Lightweight metal reel and stand

    • Reel brake

    • Battery drawer on the reel

    • Sensitivity adjustment

    • Auto-off circuitry to save batteries

    • Easy to read flat tape

    • Marketing are at 1/100 and 1/10 foot

    • Nylon carry bag is included

    * Select meter with the needed length.

    Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    Interface Meter, Heron H.Oil, 100ft tape, 5/8in Dia Probe
    In Stock 1 $980.10
    Interface Meter, Heron H.Oil, 150ft tape, 5/8in Dia Probe
    In Stock 1 $1,080.00
    Interface Meter, Heron H.Oil, 200ft tape, 5/8in Dia Probe
    In Stock 1 $1,170.10
    Interface Meter, Heron H.Oil, 300ft tape, 5/8in Dia Probe
    In Stock 1 $1,359.20
    Interface Meter, Heron Sm.Oil, Compact Reel, 60ft tape, Carry Case & Cleaning Kit
    In Stock 1 $953.20