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    Portability is a key feature on the Lil Dipper2 compact meters. The electronics offer the same water level and drawdown functionality as the larger meters. The probes are removable/field-replaceable. The tape is polyethylene jacketed steel. Features include a smaller size lightweight metal stand, reel brake, battery drawer on the reel, sensitivity adjustment, and auto-off circuitry to save batteries. Markings are at 1/100, 1/10, and 1-foot increments or Meters, Centimeters and Millimeters. Maximum length for the compact reel is 100 ft. 3-year warranty (1 year probe)

    "Lil Dipper2" Compact Meters have 2 Operating Modes on a Smaller Reel!

    Water Level Mode (for static water level)

    • Measures depth to water

    • Alarms sounds and Led lights on the reel when probe touches water surface

    • Read depth to water off the precision tape

    drawDown Mode (for falling water level)

    • Probe is pre-submerged below water surface

    • Set probe depth using the precision tape

    • Alarm sounds when water level falls below probe

      Special Features

      • 5/8" diameter probes are fully pressure/depth rates

      • 3/8" diameter probes are available

      • Polyethylene jacketed non-stretch steel tape

      • 5-year warranty on reel and tape, 1-year warranty on probes

      • Available in 100, 150 200 or 300-foot tape length

      Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
      Water Level Meter, with field-removable pressure rated probe, compact reel, 5/8 wide polyethylene coated steel tape, 1/100 ft markings, 75ft
      In Stock 1 $633.00