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As a leading supplier of environmental sampling products, EON is a one-stop shop for everything you need! Our environmental field supplies and equipment are useful for a broad range of applications, including air monitoring, soil sampling, groundwater sampling, and more! Whether you need well caps, gas sample bags or water-resistant field books, our selection of environmental field supplies has all the high-quality products for your next project.

For more information about our selection of environmental field supplies and equipment, call EON and we’ll help ensure you order the right products and arrange for cost-effective, on-time delivery – you can also request a quick quotation for all of your environmental field products now!

Rite in the Rain Pens
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Rite in the Rain Pens are filled with waterproof ink that flows smoothly, like a ball-point, when writing field notes.

Poly Bags
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EON supplies zip-top and open-top poly bags in 2-mil and 4-mil thickness in a variety of sizes. The thickness of the 2-mil bag is comparable to a sandwich bag and the 4-mil to a freezer bag.

Rope & Suspension Cord
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EON stocks a large inventory of Rope and Cord. Most of our rope is used in wells for suspending and retrieving samplers such as bailer and as suspension tether for passive samplers. Though most well applications are light duty, the composition and mechanics can affect performance. Rope: Rope is a general term applied to a length of fibers that are twisted or braided together in one of a number of patterns to provide lifting or pulling strength. Rope may be manufactured of natural or synthetic...

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Twine is a thin, light-duty type of rope made from natural or synthetic fibers that are twisted or braided together. Twine is frequently used for lowering and retrieving light-weight samplers or equipment from groundwater monitoring wells and is usually discarded after each use. EON stocks a large inventory of twine in various materials, sizes and lengths. Though not frequently thought about, material selection and type of braid can make a difference in ease of use or reliability. Most field...

Stainless Steel Cable
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Stainless Steel braided cable (wire rope) is used for suspending passive samplers, bailers and other groundwater sampling equipment in wells. It is available in a variety of thicknesses to suit the application. Thicker cables can be used as safety cable for pumps and other expensive down hole equipment. Stainless Steel cable is made from thin strands of stainless steel which are twisted together in a specific pattern to make a larger cable. The number and thickness and pattern determine the...

Rope Storage Reels
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Storage Reels keep rope and suspension tethers clean and tangle-free and can make it easier for repeated deployment and recovery of equipment and samplers suspended in wells on rope. All EON custom tethers for passive sampling are shipped on reels. EON offers a large selection of economically priced reels. Reels with removable/replaceable spools are popular because rope can be stored or shipped on a spool and the used by attaching a separate reel-handle to the spool. This is convenient and...

Sample Collection Bottles-Clear Glass
Availability: In Stock

EON stocks Clear Glass Short Straight Sided Wide Mouth Jars for environmental samples including soil, sediment, and sludge sampling. Preassembled with .015" PTFE or F217 lined closed top white polypropylene closures. Don't see what you need? Contact us!

Sample Collection Bottles-Amber Glass
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EON's supplies Amber Glass Jars pre-cleaned and certified in accordance with EPA recommended protocol for environmental samples. Amber glass bottles are ideal for UV light-sensitive liquid samples.Don't see what you need? Contact us!

Sample Collection Bottles-HDPE Plastic
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EON has HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) narrow and wide mouth jars with Class 1 preparation. Most HDPE jars are preassembled with foamed polyethylene lined polypropylene closures.

Spray Bottles
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Spray bottles are useful for application of detergents, rinse water, and other liquids. Convenient sizes available.

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Syringes can be used as mini soil core samplers by cutting off the tip and then pushing the syringe into soft soil. Cover the exposed end until the sample is analyzed. 

Tether & Passive Sampler Weights
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EON manufactures a line of stainless steel weights to pull passive samplers, tubing, absorbent socks and other lightweight tools into position in monitoring wells. Our weights are available in a variety of diameters to fit wells as small as 3/4-inch and a variety of lengths for maximum sinking capability. All weights are contaminant resistant, EPA recommended stainless steel and can easily be cleaned for reuse. Solid Cylindrical Weights: feature an integrated "eye" connection at one end for...