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Full HydraSleeve
HydraSleeve "No Purge" Sampler -
HydraSleeve "No Purge" Sampler -

HydraSleeve "No Purge" Sampler

The HydraSleeve™ is used in place of purging and low-flow sampling methods in groundwater monitoring wells to obtain representative, real time, discrete interval sample of ALL compounds under natural groundwater flow conditions. The HydraSleeve is effective for sampling slow recharge wells, for monitoring interfaces, and for concentration profiling.

Simply lower the empty sampler to the desired interval, let the well return to undisturbed conditions, and pull the sampler through the sample zone. The HydraSleeve seals itself when full, preventing overlying layers from entering and sampled contents from leaving the sampler.

Why Use the HydraSleeve™?

  • Reduce Sampling Cost 50%-70% by Eliminating Field Time Spent Purging and the Cost of Purge-Water Disposal.
  • It's Easy! No Special Tools or Equipment
  • Obtain Depth-Specific Concentration.
  • Sample for ALL Compounds.
  • Sample Slow Recharge Wells

The HydraSleeve™, like all passive samplers, obtains a limited sample volume based on its diameter and length. Be sure to check with your lab and ask the minimum volume requirements for your compounds of interest.

  • Suspension Tether Preparation Service. EON will use your well construction data to construct cut-to-length suspension tethers for individual wells. Includes;. Click Here to go to Tether Preparation Services.

  • Project Quotation. Want to know the all components and cost for a project? Just contact EON or download, fill in, and return our Well Data Form. Click for our Well Data Form.
 Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Breaks Price Quantity
HydraSleeve 1.5in x 30in 600 ml Fits 2" Sch 80 and larger wells
In Stock 1 $23.00
HydraSleeve 1.9in x 38in 1.3 Liter. Fits 2" Sch40 & Larger wells.
In Stock 1 $32.00
HydraSleeve 2.75in x 16in 1.1+ Liter (Special) For 3" Sch80 & Larger Wells
In Stock 1 $48.00
HydraSleeve 2.90in x 36in 3+ Liter Fits 4" Sch80 & Larger Wells
In Stock 1 $40.00
Spring Clip SST for 1.50 & 1.75 Hydrasleeve
In Stock 1 $2.00
Spring Clip SST for 2.75 & 2.90 Hydrasleeve
In Stock 1 $3.50
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Locking Cap, T-cap 2in w/ring
Price: $10.50
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Locking Cap, T-cap 4in w/ring
Price: $11.80
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Rope, Poly Braid 3/16inx1000ft
Price: $19.75
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Snap Connector, Plastic
Price: $1.50
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Ring, Split 1in SST
Price: $0.50
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Cable tie, 4in black nylon
Price: $0.05
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Weight-SST, HS Top Weight 16oz
Price: $30.00
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Weight-SST 1in Dia x3inLx 11oz
Price: $17.50
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Weight-SST 1.5in Diam 8 oz
Price: $15.00
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Weight-SST X-Hvy1.5inDiam 20oz
Price: $19.50
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Why choose HydraSleeve?

Cost Saving.
HydraSleeve reduces field sampling costs by 50-80%. It generates no purge water for disposal and requires no expensive equipment.

Sample Slow Recharge Wells.
Lower turbidity than purge and sample. Its slim cross section minimizes disturbance.

Fast and Easy.
HydraSleeve collects samples in less than fifteen minutes and cuts field time by half or more. No decontamination. No special training or tools required. It comes in a small, convenient package.

Sample Discrete and Multiple Intervals.
Secure several HydraSleeve samplers to a single tether and obtain concentration profiles.

HydraSleeve Design Features

  • Low displacement
  • Flexible, allowing you to sample crooked or constricted wells
  • Self-sealing inlet valve

Typical Compounds

HydraSleeve captures all compounds in the water. Use is limited only by the laboratory volume requirements.

HydraSleeve Manuals and Installation Guides

HydraSleeve Installation and Use Manual(2006) - Complete HydraSleeve installation and user instructions.

HydraSleeve- Additional information about the EON Products new no-purge, non-displacement groundwater sampler.

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