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    The HydraSleeve™ is used in place of purging and low-flow sampling methods in groundwater monitoring wells to obtain representative, real time, discrete interval sample of ALL compounds under natural groundwater flow conditions. The HydraSleeve is also effective for sampling slow recharge wells, for monitoring interfaces, and for concentration profiling. *Custom lengths are available.

    Why Use the HydraSleeve™?

    • Sample for ALL Compounds
    • Reduce Sampling Cost 50%-70%
    • Eliminating Purging and Purge-Water Disposal.
    • Highly Portable, No Special Tools or Equipment
    • Obtain Depth-Specific Concentration.
    • Can be used for Vertical Profiling
    • Can be used to Sample Slow Recharge Wells
    • Proven accurate world-wide

    Suspension Tether Preparation Service. EON will use your well construction data to construct cut-to-length suspension tethers for individual wells.  Click Here to go to Tether Preparation Services.

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      The HydraSleeve™ is a passive groundwater grab-sampler used to obtain representative, real-time, groundwater sample of ALL compounds from discrete interval, under natural groundwater flow conditions.

      Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
      (HS-2) HydraSleeve 1.5in x 30in 600 ml Fits 2" Sch 80 and larger wells
      In Stock 1 $23.00
      (GEO HS-2-1L) HydraSleeve Standard 2-inch 1.3 liter vol. (Filled Diameter 1.75in x 38in) (For 2in Sch 80 & larger well)
      In Stock 1 $32.00
      (GEO HS-4-2L) HYDRASLEEVE SAMPLER 2.9in O.D. BY 37in ~ 3.1 LITER. (FOR 4in & Larger well)
      In Stock 1 $40.00
      (HS-Springclip) Spring Clip for 1.5 , 1.7 and 1.9 Hydrasleeve (for 2 wells)
      In Stock 1 $3.50
      (HS-SPRINGCLIP-4") Spring Clip for 2.75-2.9 Hydrasleeve (for 4 wells)
      In Stock 1 $4.50