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    1. Select the Type of HydraSleeve for your project:

    Variation Details


    The original HydraSleeve is available in 1.5-inch x 30-inch (600ml) and 1.75-inch x 38 inch (1L) standard sizes for 2 inch wells and in 2.9-inch x 37-inch (3L) for 4-inch and larger wells. Standard HydraSleeves can be shortened to fit well conditions. HydraSleeves feature white reinforcement strips at the top, and connect to the tether line using spring clips. They do not require separate “Top Collars”.


    Skinny SuperSleeves are 1.75 inch diameter for 2-inch schedule 80 and 50mm diameter wells and larger. SuperSleeves are attached to the tether with re-usable PVC threaded Top Collars. The Top Collars help funnel the maximum available water into the sleeve, to maximize sample volume. After the initial purchase of the Top Collars, replacement SuperSleeves are less expensive than the equivalent size HydraSleeves. Skinny SuperSleeves are also available in 0.95-inch x 48-inch (300ml) to fit 1-inch wells. SuperSleeves are available in standard lengths up to 66-inches and longer for custom samplers, for maximum volume in longer screens. Custom SuperSleeves are available in 3-inch diameter by special order.

    HDPE SuperSleeves are available for PFAS sampling.


    Speedbags are custom HydraSleeve samplers that are designed to produce less drag-down in the well during installation so that the sample may be taken minutes after installation. SpeedBags are available in 1.5 inch x 30 inch (500ml) and 1.75 x 38 inch (900ml). SpeedBags require a longer pull distance, up to 1.5 times their length, or oscillation, to fill completely.

    For more information and accessories for HydraSleeves and Speedbags Click Here.

    For more information and accessories for SuperSleeves Click Here.

    2. Select the sampler diameter and length to match the well and sample volume requirements. *EON Can Assist

    3. Determine the sample interval within the saturated screen **EON Can Assist

    4. Order Accessories and Parts

        • HydraSleeve (SuperSleeve, SpeedBag) samplers: One or more per well (one for each sample interval), consumable
        • Discharge Straw: Included with sampler, One per Sampler, Disposable,save for sampler retrieval
        • Spring Clip: One required for each installed sampler,-re-usable, sized per sampler
        • Top Collar or Weighted Top Collar: For SuperSleeve only. One Required for each sampler, reusable, sized per sampler
        • Suspension Tether: Use EON’s custom suspension tether service or purchase suspension cord separately: Consists of; measured chemically-resistant cord, Well ID Tag, Sampler Connection points, Well Cap, Storage reel the well depth and sample interval, one per well, factory tethers are re-usable.
        • Optional: Suspension Tether Preparation Service: Receive tethers on a reel with well ID tag, weights, well cap and connections installed for each sampler, re-usable. Click Here to go to Tether Preparation Services
        • Stainless Steel Weights: One required for each tether and are usually attached to the bottom of the HydraSleeve, Reusable, the diameter and weight are selected to match well and sampler configurations
        • Locking Well Cap with Stainless Steel “Hanging Ring”: One required per well. Tethers are attached to the Hanging Ring on the bottom of the well cap, Re-usable, Sized per well casing diameter.
        • Zip -Ties: Used to secure weights and sometimes samplers to suspension tethers, etc
        • Tether Recovery Reel: Keeps cord tangle-free and clean when recovering samplers.

      *When using passive groundwater sampling techniques, consult with your lab to determine their “Minimum Sample Volume” requirements.

      **Submit EON’s Well Data Form and let EON configure the installation to meet project needs.

        Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
        Custom Tether Manufacturing Service: Complete, well by well suspension tethers with ID Tags, sampler connection points, weights, etc, for out of the box passive sampler installations. Poly or Stainless Steel. Easy & Economical
        Configured to Order 1 CALL
        Cable tie 4in black
        In Stock 1 $0.08
        (HS-Springclip) Spring Clip for 1.5 , 1.7 and 1.9 Hydrasleeve (for 2 wells)
        In Stock 1 $3.50
        (HS-SPRINGCLIP-4") Spring Clip for 2.75-2.9 Hydrasleeve (for 4 wells)
        In Stock 1 $4.50
        (HSTS PVC Collar ) PVC Top Collar Assembly-Standard REQUIRED for .1.75-in SuperSleeve. Reusable 1.75in OD 2-PC PVC w/Spring Clip. For 2-in Sch80 wells & larger
        In Stock 1 $33.00
        (HSTS-35OZ-TOTopWT) Top Collar Weighted Assembly for 1.75-in Universal Heavy-Duty SuperSleeve. Reusable 2-PC PVC & SST with Spring Clip. For 2" Sch80 wells & Larger.
        In Stock 1 $68.00
        (HS-1 PVC COLLAR+Clip) Top Collar Assembly for 0.90-in HydraSleeve "Skinny" SuperSleeve. Reusable 2-PC PVC. For 1-in Sch40 wells & Larger
        In Stock 1 $33.00
        (HS SOLID-WT-5+Clip): Weight- SST 0.75-inch diameter X 2.5in long. 5 oz Bullet weight with weight clip GSH299
        In Stock 1 $15.00
        (HS-CompactWT-8oz) Weight- SST 1.25-inch diameter X 1.5-in long. 8oz Compact bottom weight with weight clip GSH299)
        In Stock 1 $31.00
        (HS-CompactWT-17oz+Clip) Weight- SST 1.25-inch diameter X 3in long. 17 oz Compact bottom weight with weight clip (GSH299)
        In Stock 1 $34.50
        Weight: SST Standard, 1.5in diam X 1in long w/ eyebolt 8 oz
        In Stock 1 $15.00
        Weight: SST X-Heavy, 1.5in diam X 2.5in long w/eyebolt 20 oz
        In Stock 1 $19.50
        (HS-Clip) Small Spring Clip for attaching Bottom Weights for Top of 0.95 inch HydraSleeve /SuperSleeve. (1-inch Wide)
        In Stock 1 $2.00
        (HS-TETHER-2000) 3/8in WOVEN POLYESTER TETHER_ 2000 FEET_ NUMBERED 1-2000_ There may be up to 100 feet of leader before the normal counting begins.
        In Stock 1 $200.00
        Rope Polypropylene 3/16in Hollow Braid White-1000ft Spool
        In Stock 1 $27.50
        Tether Reel: Removeable Black Spool w/ attachment loop holds 250-ft of 3/16 poly rope (use with FSR109 Red Handle)
        In Stock 1 $10.55
        Tether Reel: Detachable Red Handle for use with FSR111 removable black spool
        In Stock 1 $9.00
        Locking Well Cap: 2.0in T Cap Orange w/ SST Tether Ring SCH 40 (Lock sold separately)
        In Stock 1 $14.10
        Locking Well Cap: 4.0in T Cap Orange w/ SST Tether Ring (Lock sold separately)
        In Stock 1 $19.00
        PDB/Hydrasleeve 2-Tier Tripod Stand. Collapsible, Portable, 4.6 Lbs
        In Stock 1 $140.00