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    The HydraSleeve SpeedBagwas designed to minimize drag-down so a sample can be retrieved from a 2-inch well immediately after sampler installation without waiting for well re-stabilization. The filling action and valve mechanism of the SpeedBag is the same as a standard HydraSleeve, recovering water from the sample zone in the well screen and then isolating and sealing the sample from surrounding water as it is recovered.

    How is it Different than a HydraSleeve™?

    The SpeedBag has a pair of circular openings located below the top of the sampler and above the check valve. These openings prevent the accumulation of small amounts of water above the check valve as the sampler is lowered.

    What Do I need to Know About the SpeedBag™?

    The SpeedBag streamlines flow around the sampler and will require an additional step when retrieving from the well. While the hole above the check valve allows water to flow past while the bag is being installed, it also does not allow for immediate full opening of the check valve on retrieval. To pop open the check valve, pull up hard on the tether 1 to 2 feet and then let the assembly drop back down to the starting point. Repeat this "oscillating" motion 5 times then quickly recover the SpeedBag by rapidly pulling it through the sample zone. Once out of the sample zone, pull the SpeedBag at a normal rate to the surface, exactly like a HydraSleeve. Top Weights should not be used with the SpeedBag.

    Why Use the SpeedBag™?

    • Reduce Sampling Cost 50%-70% by Eliminating Field Time Spent Purging and the Cost of Purge-Water Disposal.
    • Speed Up Sampling Even More by Eliminating Waiting for Well Stabilization
    • It's Easy! No Special Tools or Equipment
    • Obtain Depth-Specific Concentration.
    • Sample for ALL Compounds.
    • Sample Slow Recharge Wells

    The HydraSleeve SpeedBag™, obtains a sample volume of 900 ml, based on its diameter and length. Be sure to check with your lab and ask the minimum volume requirements for your compounds of interest.

    Do You Want a Field-Ready Installation?

    Suspension Tether Preparation Service. EON will use your well construction data to construct cut-to-length suspension tethers for individual wells. Includes;. Click Here to go to Tether Preparation Services.

    • Project Quotation. Want to know the all components and cost for a project? Just contact EON or download, fill in, and return our Well Data Form. Click for our Well Data Form.

    Advantages to Non-Stop (In/Out) Sampling with No Well Equilibration Time Using the Speedbag:

    • For the first deployment at the new site, the user can collect the first sample using the Speedbag and then leave a fresh standard Hydrasleeve or Speedbag in the well screen to be recovered to the next round of sampling.

    • Immediate recovery will allow for significant time savings when conducting comparison studies. Just one trip to the well when comparing Hydrasleeves tp pumped samples.

    • The in/out method utilized with the Speedbag reduces sample turbidity. It only collects at the time of collection. This eliminates the accumulation of in-well sediment on top of the sampler over time. In fact, it provides the least turbid samples possible with the Hydrasleeve.

    • A 900mls sample can be collected from any open well (2-inch schedule 80 and larger) at any time with sampling equipment that fits in your tool box. Please remember to oscillate the Speedbag several times when using these in wells that are larger than 2-inch diameter.

    • The Speedbags can be easily shortened to recover less sample volume. There is even a weld mark along the side of the Speedbag which marks the size needed to collect 500 mls of sample.


    • Currently the minimum well diameter is a 2-inch schedule 80 with a maximum sample volume of 900 mls.


    • Has only been tested using a 2-inch Speedbag; has not been tested for 4-inch units. (However, you can use this in/out method with any 2-inch, bottom-weighted Hydrasleve in a 4-inch well and immediately recover the sample without mixing, just remember to oscillate the Hydrasleeve on recovery).

    • When using the Speedbag, you must pull up hard 1-2 feet once on the tether to pop open the check valve; let the assembly drop back down to the starting point and then quickly recover through the well screen to the surface.

    • The Speedbag is not intended for any top-weighted configurations.

    • Must have minimum 8 feet of saturated screen to recover 900 mls using the Speedbag Hydrasleeve; however, the Speedbag can also be shortened for less sample volume and shorter saturated screens.

    • The Speedbag can be cycled up and down (in addition to the initial pull to activate the check valve) to collect samples in short water columns.

    Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    SpeedBag HydraSleeve, 1.75in x 37in x ~900 ml (For 2" Sch 40 & larger wells)
    In Stock 1 $35.00
    Spring Clip SST for 1.50 & 1.75 Hydrasleeve
    In Stock 1 $2.00
    Weight: SST 1in diam X 3in long w/ eyebolt 11 oz
    In Stock 1 $17.50
    Weight: SST Standard, 1.5in diam X 1in long w/ eyebolt 8 oz
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