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    The HydraSleeve SpeedBagwas designed to minimize drag-down so a sample can be retrieved from a 2-inch well immediately after sampler installation without waiting for well re-stabilization. Special retrieval instructions apply. 

    Why Use the SpeedBag™?

    • Reduce Sampling Cost 50%-70% by Eliminating Field Time Spent Purging and the Cost of Purge-Water Disposal.
    • Speed Up Sampling Even More by Eliminating Waiting for Well Stabilization
    • It's Easy! No Special Tools or Equipment
    • Obtain Depth-Specific Concentration.
    • Sample for ALL Compounds.
    • Sample Slow Recharge Wells

    The HydraSleeve SpeedBag™, obtains a sample volume of 900 ml, based on its diameter and length. Be sure to check with your lab and ask the minimum volume requirements for your compounds of interest.

      Suspension Tether Preparation Service. EON will use your well construction data to construct cut-to-length suspension tethers for individual wells. Click Here to go to Tether Preparation Services.

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        The filling action and valve mechanism of the SpeedBag is the same as a standard HydraSleeve, recovering water from the sample zone in the well screen and then isolating and sealing the sample from surrounding water as it is recovered. The SpeedBag requires a longer pull stroke or oscillation in the sample zone to fill completely. 

        Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
        (Geo HS-2-900Speedbag) SpeedBag 1.75in x 37in x ~900 ml (For 2 Sch 40 & larger wells)
        In Stock 1 $38.00
        (GEO HS-2-500SpeedBag) SpeedBag 1.5in x 30in x ~500 ml (For 2 Sch 40 or larger wells)
        In Stock 1 $38.00
        (HS-Springclip) Spring Clip for 1.5 , 1.7 and 1.9 Hydrasleeve (for 2 wells)
        In Stock 1 $3.50
        (HS SOLID-WT-5+Clip): Weight- SST 0.75-inch diameter X 2.5in long. 5 oz Bullet weight with weight clip GSH299
        In Stock 1 $15.00