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    Ordering Hints

    Prefilled Equilibrator PDBs: For the easiest and most convenient installation, order prefilled samplers so they arrive on-site filled with certified de-ionized (DI) water, ready to install. Certificate of Analysis (COA) available for each DI water lot.

    De-ionized Water Travel Blanks: EON provides a separate and inexpensive water "Travel Blank" of the exact same DI water and membrane used in the prefilled sampler so you can validate the pre-installation contents without sacrificing a sampler.

    Option: Fill Your Own Equilibrator PDBs: Order the unfilled Equilibrator PDBs and fill them with de-ionized water, on site, in your office or any other convenient place, using water from your lab or get bottled de-ionized water from EON.

    Reusable Suspension Tether: PDBs are installed on a reusable, weighted suspension tether connected to the underside of the well cap. EON’s Tether Service provides a custom tether for each well; cut to length, with attached weight, locking well cap, stamped well ID Tag, and connection rings located in the precise depth location you specify. The tether is reused in the same well to ensure samplers are placed in the exact same location time after time.

    The accessories listed below are the most commonly used Equilibrator installation components. Suspension Tethers, Weights, and Well Caps are reusable. Click Here for a full list of Equilibrator accessories 

    Equilibrator Design Features

    • Built-in Protective Mesh protects the sampler membrane and adds strength.
    • Connection loops to facilitate easy attachment to the suspension tether using zip-ties
    • Semi-permeable LDPE membrane holds deionized water and allows transmission of VOCs into sampler.
    • Easy to empty. Just puncture with our VOC “Juice-Box Straw” and empty directly into lab bottle.
    • Filling port for field, lab, or factory filling.

    Required Components

    • Equilibrator samplers, one per sample interval
    • Deionized water to fill samplers (or purchase Prefilled samplers)
    • Fill kit (1 per deployment team, reusable)
    • Tether/suspension cord (1 per well, reusable)
    • Stainless steel weight (1 set per well, reusable. Comes with suspension Tether)
    • Well cap with attachment ring from which to suspend the Tether (1 set per well, reusable. Comes with suspension Tether)
    • Cable ties to attach PDBs to Tether

    Optional Items

    • Tether preparation service
    • VOC resistant shipping and storage pouch

    EON's Equilibrator Passive Diffusion Sampler can be used for surface water, too!

      Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
      Custom Tether Manufacturing Service: Complete, well by well suspension tethers with ID Tags, sampler connection points, weights, etc, for out of the box passive sampler installations. Poly or Stainless Steel. Easy & Economical
      Configured to Order 1 CALL
      Weight: SST 1in diam X 3in long w/ eyebolt 11 oz
      In Stock 1 $28.00
      Weight: SST X-Heavy, 1.5in diam X 2.5in long w/eyebolt 20 oz
      In Stock 1 $19.50
      Locking Well Cap: 2.0in T Cap Orange w/ SST Tether Ring SCH 40 (Lock sold separately)
      In Stock 1 $14.10
      Locking Well Cap: 4.0in T Cap Orange w/ SST Tether Ring (Lock sold separately)
      In Stock 1 $19.00
      PDB/Hydrasleeve 2-Tier Tripod Stand. Collapsible, Portable, 4.6 Lbs
      In Stock 1 $140.00
      Water: Deionized ASTM Type 1 (4-L Pre Cleaned HDPE Bottle)
      In Stock 1 $23.00